RubberCon 2021

17 ~ 18 November 2021
EXCO, Daegu, South Korea

Terms of Use


1. Privacy Policy

  • This policy des cribes how RUBBERCON 2021 collects and us es personal information of users of our webs ite,
  • 2. T he Effect of Policy

    • 1) Thes e terms will have effect to be s hown on the service menu.
    • 2) RUBBERCON 2021 can change thes e terms of us e policy with reasonable reason and
    • RUBBERCON 2021 s hould give a notice when the policy has been changed.
    • 3) Service will be s topped for you to us e when you dis agree with the new policy.

    3. Other Regulation

    • If s omething is not s hown on this policy, but on the Korean law, RUBBERCON 2021 follows the Korean law. If it is not, RUBBERCON 2021 follows custom.

    4. Definition of T erms

    • 1) Participant: People who signed up to RUBBERCON 2021 website.
    • 2) ID: A combination of letters which is s et by user for the user identification and the service of the user, it will be participant’s e-mail address .
    • 3) Pas s word: A combination of letters and numbers which is set by user to protect the information of user. (At least 4 character)
    • 4) Contract: A contract information between RUBBERCON 2021 and the user of the website.

    5. Services

    • Since some services are provided by the RUBBERCON 2021 are for only participants , these services are only available for the users who sign up.

    6. Contract Formation

    • 1) The contract is es tablis hed by your agreement with the terms of use.
    • 2) If you want to become a member, you need to s ee the privacy policy firs t. When you register online, check “I Agree” have the s ame effect as a signature.
    • 7. Change of P olicy

      • You can change the below information by yours elf by using a function within the service.
      • 1) Your personal information
      • 2) Pas s word

      8. ID & Password

      • 1) You have all responsibilities for ID and password.
      • 2) You cannot change, share, or as sign your ID without obvious reason.
      • 3) You have all responsibilities for s uch unauthorized us e by third parties on the service or negligence caused by ID as signed to you.

      9. RUBBERCON 2021 Responsibility

      • 1) RUBBERCON 2021 is committed to maintaining the system to be suitable for the service to provide consistent and reliable service. If the system is unusable, we will repair or recover it.
      • 2) RUBBERCON 2021 will notice the details online if there are any changes or additions to the service contents .

      10. Personal Information Protection

      • 1) RUBBERCON 2021 s hould protect the personal information that is created and used in the service provided by the user.
      • 2) RUBBERCON 2021 never share the personal information with the third parties . However, we can share the personal information if
        (1) National law enforcement agencies need it for Inves tigation.
        (2) They need it for statistics , academic research or market research.
      • 3) You can always view your personal information before you complete the registration.

      11. Your Responsibility

      • 1) You s hould not do all of these.
        (1) Do not us e other users ’ID.
        (2) Do not copy, publish, or broadcast any information which you get from RUBBERCON 2021 without the RUBBERCON 2021’s permission.
        (3) You mus t comply with the ins tructions or cautions and services s pecified in this agreement.