RubberCon 2021

17 ~ 18 November 2021
EXCO, Daegu, South Korea



[Announcement] RubberCon 2021 Best Award Winners
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Best Poster Award Winners

No. Poster No. Presenter Affiliation Title
1  PS3-011 Ye Won Park Korea Automotive
Technology Institute
Mechanical and Light Transmission Properties of Olefin-based Thermoplastic Vulcanizate for Automotive Translucent Soft Skins
2  PS3-014 Chang Seok Ryu Chonnam National University  Effect of the particle size of the filler on the damping property of the NR compound.
3 PS3-017 Eun Ji Chae Sejong University Quantification of tire wear particles in debris accumulated in a parking building
4  PS4-027 So San Hwang Inha University Flame Retardant Property and Mechanical Properties of Silicone Urethane Hybrid Foam
5 PS4-036 Ji Hyun Choi Sungkyunkwan University Interfacial assembly of hydrophobically modified silica nanonecklaces for effective stabilization of W/O Pickering emulsions
6  PS4-041 Woo Seok Jin Gyeongsang National University  Study on Preparation and Properties of Self-healing EPDM/Ionomer Thermoplastic Vulcanizates
7 PS4-047 You Kyoung Kim  Cheongju university Synthesis and Characterization of Chitosan Derivatives with Variation in Monomer Concentration
8  PS4-048 Gun Woo Park Suwon University Damping and mechanical properties of ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM)- isobutylene isoprene rubber (IIR) blend by tailoring filler and curing agent contents
9  PS4-049 Jin Hwan Park Dankook University Polyolefin Elastomer Composites for Photovoltaic Encapsulant with Enhanced Adhesion Strength to Glass
10 PS4-052 Hyun Min Kang  Korea Institute Footwear &
Leather Technology
Influence of Silica Particle in EPDM Compounds on the Mechanical and Physical Properties Exposed to High Pressure Hydrogen Gas
11  PS5-063 MI Sol Kim Chungnam Nation University Thermal crosslinked adhesive film for surface protection during flexible display manufacturing process
12 PS5-067  Min Hyouk Kim Kyung Hee University Thermoelectric Skin Patch using Reconfigurable Carbon
Nanotube Clay for Wearable Power Sources
13  PS5-071 Cho Yeon Park Korea Research Institute of
Chemical Technology, KRICT
Flexible emitters for global energy-free cooling applications
15 PS5-077 Sung Hoon Yoo Hanyang University nvestigation on the Combined Effect of Commonly used Reducing Agents on the Synthesis of Gold Nanorods
16  PS6-084 Dong Hae Choi Seoul National University of Science and Technology Design and Injection Molding of Bioresorbable Pyloric Sten

Best Oral Presentaition Award Winners

No. Presentation No. Presenter Affiliation Title
1 S2- Oral Presenter 01 Siang LEE Malaysian Rubber Board Biocompatible Palm OilBased Polyesters as Green Plasticizers for Natural Rubber Processing
2 S2- Oral Presenter 04 Teku Zakwan Zaeimoedin Malaysian Rubber Board The Effect of Water Addition to Silica on the Rheological and Physical Properties of Silica Filled ENR for ‘Green’ Tyre Tread Compounds
3 S6- General Speaker 05 Jooyoung Yoon M&B GreenUs Development of heat resistance acrylic elastomers
4 S6- General Speaker 09 Donghwan Kim HRS Development of modified fluorosilicone-based liquid and solid type fluoro silicone elastomer

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