RubberCon 2021

17 ~ 18 November 2021
EXCO, Daegu, South Korea

5-min Pitch Contest


In this year, we launch new program which is called “5-min Pitch Presentation Contest”.

This contest is only for student who studies water field. It will be a great opportunity to sharestudies and researches. Moreover, we ensure it will be a chance to establish foothold in field of study. Students are strongly encouraging to participate the contest.

How to Participate

1. Download abstract template and submit your abstract based on under topics.
    (1) recent trends and innovations in water technology
    (2) anaerobic membrane bioreactor technologies for energy and resource recovery
    (3) electrochemical resource recovery
    (4) novel desalination technologies
    (5) nanomaterials for water and wastewater reclamation
    (6) renewable bioenergy and biomaterial production from wastes
    (7) energy-efficient wastewater treatment
    (8) carbon dioxide sequestering and conversion to valuable materials
2. IWIC secretariat will contact authors who has accepted abstracts.
3. Authors will send the video of 5 minutes presentation to secretariat.
4. Based on abstracts and presentations organizing committee will examine and winners will be awarded a certificate with a prize.