RubberCon 2021

17 ~ 18 November 2021
EXCO, Daegu, South Korea

Participation in person event


Guideline on Quarantine Exemption

People who have been vaccinated overseas against COVID-19 will be exempted from the mandatory two-week quarantine upon arrival in South Korea starting July 1st. The new policy applies to Korean nationals and foreigners alike if they are entering Korea to do important business or serve the public interest, for academic or humanitarian purposes. If you wants to visit Korea to attend RubberCon 2021 In person, please read the below details, and it applies to you, please contact us via Email. (
We will assist you to get permission to enter Korea without quarantine. (It only applies for people who registered and complete the payment. )

1. Standard for a person to be considered vaccinated

1. Apply after 2 weeks have elapsed after inoculation of all recommended number of vaccines in the same country
- Vaccines that have been authorized for emergency use by the WHO: Pfizer, Janssen, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Conishield, Sinopharm, Sinovac
Such as Africa, Brazil, etc. (Total 34 countries, as of july, 17)

 2. Requirements (Total 6)

1. Quarantine Exemption Certificate (4 copies)
2. Proof of a negative COVID-19 test (PCR)
3. Invitation
4. Copy of passport
5. Confirmation of accommodation
6. Flight ticket
- Those who have been granted quarantine exemption must have the Quarantine Exemption Certificate issued before departure and bring them as hard copies (4 copies) when they enter Korea, or the quarantine exemption will not apply. (Once the individual enters Korea, the Korean overseas missions cannot assist with his / her quarantine exemption.)
- The test result must be issued in English or Korean. In case of the result is issued in other language, it must be translated in English or Korean and notarized by Korean Embassy or local authorized translator/lawyer. Also the result must include name, date of birth(or passport no.), type of test, test result, test performed date, issue date, name of institution/hospital, and signature or stamp of institution/hospital.
- If a Korean nationals fail to submit the negative test result, he / she will be put under facility quarantine at his / her expense for a week and then required to self-quarantine for another week.
- If a foreigner fails to submit the test result, he / she will be denied entry into Korea

3.Tests for COVID-19 (Total 3)

1. Negative COVID-19 test issued within 72 hours prior to the departure date (1ad PCR test)
2. Day 1 of entry (2nd PCR test)
3. Day 6 or 7 of entry (3nd PCR test)
- Hours of public health center: Weekdays 9:00~18:00, Weekends 9:00~16:00
If you are contacted by a local government official, please indicate that you are a quarantined person who has completed overseas vaccination.


1. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we highly recommended that for overseas passengers get to their residence/accommodation by car.
2. Public transportation (Bus, Train, etc.)
- If it is unavoidable to use public transportation, you must wear a mask, keep a distance from other passengers, and go to your accommodation immediately upon entry.
- If you are restricted from boarding public transportation, please show the Quarantine Exemption Certificate you have or the sticker attached to your passport at the quarantine station to request boarding.
3. Separate transportation for overseas passengers
- However, if exempt from quarantine as those fully vaccinated abroad and companion do not have the Quarantine Exemption Certificate, public transportation is not available. Therefore, you can use separate transportation for overseas passengers
- If you are unable to drive/ride a car, there are other modes of transportation designated for international arrivals including the airport bus and KTX Station shuttle bus as well as taxis and call vans. (More detail)  

5. Note

1. According to the current quarantine exemption application procedure, the quarantine exemption application documents, vows, and vaccination certificate must be submitted to the screening agency (relevant ministries and diplomatic missions overseas).
2. It usually takes 3 to 7 days to issue quarantine exemption certificate.
3. The certificate is valid for once and only when the person enters Korea within 1 month after the issuance of the certificate
4. Quarantine Exemption period: 14 days
5. The person must have the certificate issued before departure and once the person enters Korea, the Embassy cannot assist with his/her quarantine exemption.
6. The person must bring certificate as 4 copies(For own use/immigration officer/quarantine officer/facility) when they enter Korea
7. Even if the person receives the certificate, negative COVID-19 test (PCR) issued within 72 hours prior to the departure date must be submitted when entering Korea. If not, entry will be denied.
8. The person is obligated to receive a diagnostic test(funded by the government) within 6-7 days of entry and submit the copy of negative COVID-19 test result within 8 days of entry to the examination authorities and the local government responsible for his/her place of address. If the person fails to comply with these obligations, the quarantine exemption may be terminated and may be subject to immediate quarantine.

* The application form can be download the above.